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Tynedale Talking Newspaper was formed in 1982 



Tynedale Talking Newspaper formed. Recorded on compact cassettes. 
According to a Courant article, it started at 'The Other Place' Tanners Yard. Then somewhere in Market Street in 1984.
Other people involved early on
Ann Ruddick.
Mike Harrison (manager at Matt Charlton's roofing Dept)
Jane Hart (Hexham Library)
Stephen Hart-Jackson (solicitor)
Bob Robertson of Stocksfield (artist and college lecturer in 3D design)
Ken Graham. 
June Horne.
Dot Humble.
Suzanne Ellingham[?]
Recorded Friday evenings in offices of Matt Charlton's roofing using compact tape cassettes
Included magazine section produced for many years by Ron Lane, now David Ratcliff. 

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