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  • Is the service free?
    Yes the service is completley free, including the cost of sending and returning memory sticks, to people registered as having impaired vision. To receive the service you need to apply to join and submit the requested information, which you can do using the links in the home page
  • How are memory sticks delivered?
    Memory sticks are sent to you in the post. They come in a protective plastic wallet with your address on a reversible card attached to the wallet. To return the memory stick each week, after you have finished listening, put the stick back in the wallet, reverse the label to show the TTN return address and pop it in the post. Postage is free of charge.
  • Is my data safe?
    Yes we have policies and procedures in place to protect your information. You can read or listen to a summary of our privacy policy here and download our full privacy statement here.
  • What do I do if I no longer want to receive TTN?
    You can cancel your subscription to TTN at any time. Just get in touch with us using our contact information.
  • Can I still receive TTN if I move out of Northumberland?
    Yes, visually impaired people from outside of the county, anywhere in the UK, can apply or continue to receive TTN. The only limitation is if you need to borrow a player we can't demonstrate how to use it as we would do for members in Northumberland.
  • Do I return the memory sticks?
    Yes. It's important that you return the memory stick every week. This is necessary for us to limit the number of sticks we need and keep our costs down. After you have finished listening just pop the memory stick back into the wallet it was delivered in, reverse the address label to show TTN's address and pop it in the post. There is no charge for the postage.
  • I no longer need the player issued to me by TTN - How do I return it?
    Just call our contact number - 07400 096397 and we will make arrangements with you to return the player.
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